Beautiful Quotes: Heal yourself first, the rest will come later

Heal yourself first, the rest will come later. | Heal yourself first, the rest will come later. | #Quotes #Sayings #Wisdom #Motivation #Inspiration

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1 | Treat me like a Queen and I’ll be yours forever.

2 | Never look at another person’s life and then think that you are not enough.
You are more than enough for the right people.

3 | I’m caught in between wnat I wish and what I know.

4 | Every struggle you have known has shaped and make you the person you are.
Be thankful that you are stronger today.

5 | What do you say when the feelings don’t fit into words?

6 | And even if it wasn’t you I fell asleep mext to last night, it was better than being alone, drowning in thoughts of you.

7 | I stopped telling myself that I am lost. I’m not. I’m on a journey, driven by the hope that one day I will find a place where I can rest and be me.

8 | I can’t promise to solve all your problems but I can promise that you won’t have to face them alone.

9 | These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.

10 | When people begin to philosophize they seem to think it necessary to make themselves artificially stupid.